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La Casa Blanca ha emitido un comunicado relacionado con las nuevas tecnologías que los ciudadanos norteamericanos utilizan para manejar sus finanzas y sobre las empresas que se están integrando al sistema financiero estadounidense y global. En esta lista de nuevas tecnologías resalta la tecnología de Bitcoin, específicamente la blockchain.
20.06.2016 09:19
We started sell Bitcoin with Amazon Cards. Buy BTC with AMAZON Card! Contact online support for instructions.
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Mes priimame kredito mokėjimus Lietuvoje mainais už e- valiuta. Mes turime palankią keistis ir paprasto patikrinimo procedūra kursus.
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The legality of cryptographic currencies (in particular, of bitcoin) varies substantially from country to country, and is still undefined or changing in many of them. While some countries have explicitly allowed their use and trade, others have banned or severely restricted it. Some countries that allow or tolerate cryptocurrencies have chosen to treat them as foreign currencies, sometimes with status of legal tender; while others have denied their currency status but consider them as a valuable property. Reasons that have been alleged for restricting or banning cryptocurrencies include their use for illegal trade and other illegal payments, protection of the national currency, and protection of the nation's financial system. Many central banks, even in countries that officially allow their use, have issued warnings to the public about their risks.
02.06.2016 15:48
Litecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency based on the Bitcoin protocol but differs from Bitcoin. Here is a short review on the differences between the two well-spread crypto-currencies
01.06.2016 14:43
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New exchange direction - PayPal USD for BTC. For the first transaction you need to pass verification!!!
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Pick up time is approximately 5 minutes! To exchange you need only create an order and contact online support for information. No verification necessary!
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We send money within Europe and throughout the world.
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It is well-spread that scammers use Skype acccounts that look similarly to those that belong to exchangers in fraud matters. Also it is possible to steal someone`s ICQ account.
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