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      Bitcoin is a unique cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto programmers team in 2009. If you literally translate bitcoin, the «bit» - is a unit of information, and the «coin» - is a coin. At its core, Bitcoin is a modern electronic payment system, which has neither the owner, nor of a single information center.

      Before you start making money on Bitcoins or exchange bitcoin to Privat24, you should learn the basic differences of the cryptocurrency from ordinary money.

      - Bitcoin is not financially secured. In other words, the price of the currency primarily depends on supply and demand. Bitcoin is quite often called electronic gold, as almost nothing can affect its rate.

      - It does not have a single center – all the payment system data is stored on the media user systems in open source. That means that there is absolutely no system control that could affect its price available. If to simplify, there is no central bank, which will regulate the rate.

      - The system source code was originally programmed for 21 million coins. In addition, the dynamics of emission, amounting 25 coins per every 10 minutes was given at once. The emission is reduced by half every four years.

      - No transaction fee needed. If you want to sell bitcoin, as well as buying Bitcoin, you do not have to pay the fee, as this system has no owner.

      - Full anonymity. Even despite the fact that the system has an open source code, you can anonymously buy bitcoin or exchange bitcoin to any other currency that you need.

      Today, there are two options to get Bitcoins. The first onet is mining, ie extraction of Bitcoins, and the second one is exchanging or purchasing bitcoins. It is important to note that Bitcoin mining process is quite time-consuming.

      In order to independently produce Bitcoins, you need a fairly powerful computer. You can also join special pools, which mine Bitcoins in a team and divide the profit among themselves in proportion to the power of embedded computer technology. If you have no time to engage in Bitcoins mining, the only way to obtain them is to buy or exchange. And it is very important to choose the exchanger because all transactions are anonymous. This means that in order to be 100% confident in the high rate and the success of the transaction, you need to be confident in the reliability of the service. pays great attention to the security of all of the operations. Moreover, we ensure that our website interface is simple and convenient. Due to this, even if you buy or exchange Bitcoins at our service for the first time you will easily cope with it.

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      A few years ago, to withdraw bitcoins, it was necessary to do many different operations. However, today using the exchange service you will be able to carry out bitcoin to Privat24 exchange without even leaving home.

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      In order to quickly and safely exchange bitcoin to Privat24 you should fill in the appropriate fields with the amount of currency that you wish to exchange, your personal and contact details. We need this information to inform you with the implementation of the transaction, and you, if necessary, can learn at what stage is your order for exchange.

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